MY TAKE: It's time to rethink how we elect our leaders

It is no secret that politicians are often influenced by big businesses and their agendas. The sad truth is that they often prioritize their own interests over those of the people they represent. The media also plays a role in this corruption by pushing certain narratives and agendas that align with the interests of big businesses. As a result, the true issues facing our country are often overshadowed by irrelevant distractions.

How about ALL MONEY out of politics

Unfortunately, the recent political climate has only inflamed this issue. With the rise of politicians like Donald Trump, who prioritize sensationalism and lies over real issues, it has become even more difficult to have productive conversations about the problems our country faces. We must recognize the influence of big businesses on our political system and work to hold our leaders accountable for their actions. Only then can we hope to create a government that truly serves the needs of the people.

It seems like everyone is tired of hearing about Trump, even many of his supporters are ready for a change. However, he still manages to grab the media's attention with his controversial statements and actions. It's frustrating to see how our political system has become an extension of corporate interests, where lobbyists hold more power than the population. 

It is concerning that there has been a lack of discussion on policy or issues relating to the entire population and politicians currently in office. Despite all the ongoing problems and other pressing national concerns, there seems to be a focus on divisive rhetoric rather than meaningful dialogue. The lack of attention to national issues is disconcerting and raises questions about the priorities of our leadership. As citizens, we should demand that our elected officials prioritize the needs of the country as a whole and engage in constructive conversation about the issues that affect us all.

Therefore, it's time to rethink how we elect our leaders, especially those who wield the most power.  We need a new system that is not influenced by corporate interests and lobbyists. My take on this is quite simple: let's elect leaders who truly represent the people, not the corporations. It's time for a change in how we elect our political leaders.

I propose a comprehensive set of reforms for the election process to ensure that the most qualified candidates are chosen to represent the people. We propose a series of changes to the current political system that include:
  • The elimination of lobbyists, political parties, and all forms of funding for candidates. Furthermore, we suggest that the electoral college be eliminated, with popular votes being the sole measure of success.
  • We also propose that there be no campaigning in any form, with major penalties for those who break this rule. Additionally, we suggest an age limit of 65 years old and a term limit of two 4-year terms for all candidates.
  • We suggest that all candidates must submit a RESUME based on experience and education, with at least a master's degree in political science, public administration, or a related field. All candidates must take and pass an extended physical and mental exam.
  • We propose the creation of a special tax-funded, non-commercial TV studio setup and used only for political debates, which is free and accessible to everyone.
  • The engagement in interviews with any media source is strictly prohibited. Any candidate found to be in violation of this rule will be subjected to disqualification from the election. Moreover, the media outlet responsible for conducting such an interview will be fined accordingly. 
  • All submitted topics, questions, and responses must be supported by factual resources. It is imperative that all information presented during these debates is fact-checked extensively to ensure accuracy and avoid misinformation. This measure is being taken to promote transparency and uphold the integrity of the democratic process. All candidates will be required to take this requirement seriously and come prepared with well-researched and factually-supported arguments.
  • Additionally, we suggest that no more than 10 approved candidates participate in extensive debates and answer questions submitted by the people. The people will vote electronically for the candidates they feel are the most qualified, until there are only two standing.
NOW it will be time to vote. 

We feel these changes will lead to a more transparent and qualified political system, where the people's voices are heard and respected.

This is a very simple solution one that could be edited and debated extensively, but I believe that these simple reforms will result in a fair and transparent election process, where candidates are chosen based on their qualifications and abilities, rather than their financial resources or political connections. 

So, what's your opinion?

Dennis Ketterman


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