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Depression is A Disease of Civilization: Hunter-Gatherers Hold the Key to the Cure

This is an excellent article by  Sara Burrows . It describes exactly what our  Break Away, Live Small  website is all about and why, if left unchecked, depression can destroy your life. It also provides ideas for a cure through exercise, social connections and  self-sustaining communal living.  “We were never designed for the sedentary, indoor, socially isolated, fast-food-laden, sleep-deprived frenzied pace of modern life.” I hope you read the entire article and follow the links to similar articles. Then read it again. By:  Sara Burrows Depression is a global epidemic. It is the main driver behind suicide, which now claims more than a million lives per year worldwide. One in four Americans will suffer from clinical depression within their lifetimes, and the rate is increasing with every generation. It robs people of sleep, energy, focus, memory, sex drive and their basic ability to experience the pleasures of life, says author of  The Depression Cure  Stephen Ildari. It can

Regrets. We All Have Them

— things said or done; things left unsaid or undone. Paths that weren’t followed; opportunities missed due to fear or insecurity. The list is long, but one of the biggest regrets in life reported by a large number of people is not being there for someone at the end of life.  In other words, being too busy with “life” to tend to those near death.  Interestingly, while a regret can be phrased either as an action or as an inaction (“I wish I had not quit high school,” versus “I wish I had stayed in high school”), regrets framed as actions tend to be more emotionally intense than regrets about inactions, but inactions tend to be longer lasting Emma Freud, a columnist for  The Guardian , recently explored themes of regret on social media, covering everything from relationships, work-life balance and personal passions, to addiction, illness and death.  Top Five Regrets of the Dying According to Bronnie Ware, a former palliative care nurse who ended up writing a book,  “The Top Five Reg