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1/3 of the Food We Buy, We Throw Away, $165 Billion Dollars Per Year!

  Food production has a massive impact on the environment. In fact, how we produce and consume food is the biggest threat to our planet today. But because more than 1/3 of food is wasted, more than 1/3 of this damage is completely unnecessary. From farm to fork, food is wasted at every step of the journey - up to 1.3 billion tons every year. And an astonishing amount of this waste happens on purpose. See Save the 1/3

Kiss the Ground

  The actor Woody Harrelson narrates the documentary “ Kiss the Ground ,” a frenetic but ultimately persuasive and optimistic plan to counter the climate crisis. Streaming on Netflix , the film makes a case for the healing power of the soil, arguing that its capacity to sequester carbon could be the key to reversing the effects of climate change. Directed by Joshua Tickell and Rebecca Harrell Tickell, whose credits include other socially conscious documentaries such as “The Big Fix” and “Pump,” “Kiss the Ground” takes a wide-ranging approach. The film begins by examining how tilling and the use of pesticides has led to soil erosion, and then traces the damage done to our ecology, health, and climate. The filmmakers find a solution in regenerative farming, an ethical practice designed to restore degraded lands and facilitate carbon drawdown. See the entire film on YouTube. Click below.