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Court to eliminate all restrictions on campaign spending

by Senator Bernie Sanders As a result of the disastrous Citizens United Supreme Court decision, billionaires and large corporations can now spend an unlimited amount of money to influence the political process. The results of that decision are clear.  In the coming months and years the Koch brothers and other extraordinarily wealthy families will spend billions of dollars to elect right-wing candidates to the Senate, the House, governors’ mansions and the presidency of the United States.  These billionaires already own much of our economy. That, apparently, is not enough.  Now, they want to own the United States government as well. Four years ago, the Supreme Court passed Citizens United.  A few weeks ago, they passed the equally horrendous McCutcheon campaign finance decision which gives even more political power to the rich. Now, many Republicans want to push this Supreme Court to go even further.  In the name of “free speech,” they want the Court to eliminate all restrictions on

Want More Customers? Expose Your Green Side

We've allowed big corporate agri factories, and others, dictate what we eat, drink and basically how we should live our lives. They've accomplished that end through massive 24/7 TV ad campaigns, spending billions junking up America. And it's worked. As a result we rank dead last in health care, we have the highest rate of cancer, heart disease, obesity and abuse more alcohol, prescription and illicit drugs. Nearly 49 million Americans live in poverty and struggle to put food on the table, but yet we throw away 165 billion dollars worth of food every year! Consumers are Starting to Get It Inspite of the corporate and political propaganda machine protecting and promoting the antiquated toxic fossil fuel based economy -- consumers are starting to get it. They want to know what's in their food, their water, even the building materials going into their house. Going Green is now dominating businesses. Growth rates of "green" segments are outpa

New Documentary “Ingredients” Looks at the Local Food Movement

The American food system is nearing a state of crisis. Ingredients is a documentary that is sweeping the US. It explores the failings of the industrial food model, and how the local food movement is gaining momentum as a far better alternative. The film presents a refreshing look at food from the standpoint of sustainability, safety, flavor, nutrition, culture, and community. By shifting to locally grown foods, you improve your health and lower your risk of illness, while benefitting the environment and your local economy As a culture, Americans have lost their primal connection to their food and to the earth. Consuming local foods helps reestablish this connection America’s addiction to cheap foods is taking a heavy toll on their health, as well as wasting resources and adversely impacting the planet “Cheap food” is actually quite expensive when you factor in hidden costs such as subsidies, health care, fossil fuel usage, and environmental cleanup. Read complete article .

Empowering Your Health: Beyond Monsanto, Rockefeller and the AMA

When your doctor tells you your prescription is approved by the American Medical Association (AMA), it's intended to give you confidence. But what it really means is that the drug or procedure is endorsed and funded by the same corporations that endorse and fund Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and other products that are harmful to your health and is directly related to causing some forms of cancer.  In fact, the AMA is in part financed by Pfizer, which owns Monsanto, the company that manufactured controversial and proven-to-be-dangerous products such as the insecticide DDT, PCBs, Agent Orange, and recombinant bovine somatotropin (a.k.a. bovine growth hormone) and is now the largest manufacturer of genetically modified seeds and the herbicide glyphosate, which GMO's require.  This is only one of the insidious connections between the AMA and corporations that cause, and prosper from, your ill health. By Kimberly Carter Gamble with Erin Breech

Bike Saturdays Chain of Events Calendar

The season is just about here and the event calendar is starting to take shape.  We're still waiting confirmation for many events, but here's a couple to get you started. If you're promoting a bike event, fitness related or supporting activity, list it the Chain of Events calendar. MAY 3 BIKE SATURDAYS Kick Off Ride Cleanup, Greenup Downtown Kalispell 10:00 - 2:00 pm See calendar for details and contact info MAY 17 BIKE SATURDAYS with the Flathead Valley Trust Bike and Bird in the lower valley 10 miles 9:00 am - 12:00 noon See calendar for details and contact info JUNE 24 Begin every Tuesday night concerts in the park Depot Park, Kalispell A BIKE SATURDAYS ride will proceed the concert Everyone welcome. Information booth See calendar for details and contact info