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BIKE SATURDAYS! Have Some Fun, Make Some Noise!

A community incentive promotion to help bring attention to the need  to improve bicycling infrastructure and your middle line. Form your own BIKE SATURDAYS team - where you work, family, school, organizations, church etc. Imagine a system of trails, quiet neighborhood streets, bike lanes and cycle tracks that connect your home with your work, school, shopping, entertainment and other destinations. You could enjoy the freedom of safely and conveniently getting where you re going without being forced to drive a car. Walking and bicycling already account for 12 percent of trips taken in America. But these modes could continue to grow substantially with greater dedicated investment in active transportation networks and focused program administration. Many cities across the county are realizing this and are investing millions to improve biking infrastructure and other safety measures. Studies have also shown that bicycling as a safe mode of transportation brings with it a certain