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Home is Where You Park It

What began as an attempt at a simpler life quickly became a life-style brand. By Rachel Monroe NEW YORKER Magazine, April 24, 2017 #Vanlife, the Bohemian Social-Media Movement . . . before we reached the forest, we stopped at another surf break, north of Ventura. A middle-aged man in a shiny Volvo station wagon pulled into the parking lot behind us. He’d seen us on the freeway and followed us, he said. He wanted to talk about vans, and self-sufficiency, and freedom.  Just a few days into vanlife, I had become accustomed to this kind of encounter: the hunger in the eyes of middle-aged men at the sight of old Volkswagens, and how not entirely bad it felt to be a symbol that other people projected their fantasies onto.  Smith smiled politely as the man kept talking. “You’re survivors,” the man said emphatically, thumping his steering wheel. “You’re living in reality.” Read entire article HERE >>

Kentucky coal company announces plans to build the state’s largest solar farm

A dump truck moves dirt and rock from a mountaintop removal coal mine in Kentucky. CREDIT: AP Photo/Roger Alford Berkeley Energy Group, the coal company behind the project, billed it as the first large-scale solar farm in the Appalachian region, which has been hit hard by the decades-long decline in the U.S. coal industry. The company, in partnership with EDF Renewable Energy, is currently conducting feasibility studies for the project on two reclaimed strip mines, both located in the eastern part of the state. Berkeley Energy Group estimates that the solar farm could produce as much as 50 or 100 megawatts of electricity, which would be five to ten times the size of Kentucky’s largest solar farm . As a candidate, President Trump seized on the high unemployment among coal miners in Appalachia, promising that he would bring coal mining back if elected president. In office, he has signed a handful of orders and laws that he argues will help bolster the declining industry — thou

Traveling by car six times more expensive for society than by bicycle, study finds

Stefan Gössling and Andy S. Choi conducted the study to determine whether the Copenhagen Municipality needs a new cycling infrastructure system. After looking at the vehicular cost on society with regards to congestion, health, road damage, noise, pollution, travel route, and climate change, the researchers found that cars have a much higher economic impact on society than bikes. If the costs to society and the costs to private individuals are added together, the impact of the car is EUR 0.50 per kilometre and the impact of the bicycle is EUR 0.08 per kilometre. The study by Stefan Gössling and his colleague also shows that if we only look at costs/benefits for society, one kilometre by car costs EUR 0.15, whereas society earns EUR 0.16 on every kilometre cycled.  “The cost-benefit analysis in Copenhagen shows that investments in cycling infrastructure and bike-friendly policies are economically sustainable and give high returns”, says Stefan Gössling. OK, so it's Cope

Dates Are One of The Healthiest Fruit on the Planet

Dates are undoubtedly one of the healthiest fruits on the planet and they offer numerous health benefits, including: Dates improve digestion Dates are rich in fibers and thus help digestion, but they are also high in numerous other nutrients, and treat various ailments. They treat heart issues, prevent strokes, regulate cholesterol levels, and prevent cancer. Also, they suppress appetite, n the sugar they contain can be a substitute for white sugar. Dates are rich in iron They are a rich source of iron and thus treat anemia. 100 g dates provide 0.90 g iron or 11% of the recommended daily intake. Iron also improves the oxygen flow to the brain. Prevent strokes The high potassium content protects the nervous system, and in sufficient levels, it lowers the stroke risk by 40%. Brain food Dates are rich in phosphorus which supports the function of the brain. Treat diarrhea Dates are high in calcium, which refreshes the gut flora, creates gut bacteria in the gut, and treats diarrhea. Tr