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Go Sun Solar Cooker Heats to 550 Degrees Without Electricity In Minutes!

When there's sunlight, and you don't want to run out to get charcoal and lighter fluid, you don't need anything extra to cook with one of these. The design of the fold out anodized aluminum envelope attracts the sun at any angle, honing its power and transferring it to the evacuated glass tube, where sunlight is absorbed and amplified. The interior of the GoSun can heat up to 550°F in mere minutes. MORE >>

Clean Energy Jobs Are Our Future

Last year, 47 percent of all the new electricity-generating capacity installed  in the United States was powered by the wind and sun.  Coal provided just  0.7 percent — seven tenths of 1 percent. Over the past three years — 2012,  2013, and 2014 — we’ve gotten 42 percent of all our new electricity-generating capacity from wind turbines and solar panels. MORE >>

Trader Joe's Ex-President Opens Non-Profit Store

We throw away 165 billion dollars worth of food every year! Most of it because  of expiration dates, but still very good.  Doug Rauch, the former president of Trader Joe's, came up with this concept. He was frustrated by the amount of  nutritious food that went into dumpsters, just because it was nearing its sell-by  date. M ORE >>

Stolen Bike gofundme Campaign for Walter

Image   Stolen bikes are unfortunately a common occurence. As they say, It comes with the territory.  But when it happens to someone who relies on it as their only means of transportation, like Walter, who is 76 and on a fixed income, is also a Type II diabetic, and rides daily to keep his blood sugar in-check, then it becomes tragic.  This is why we're starting a gofundme campaign on behalf of Walter to replace his bike and the attached accessories (helmet, pump odometer etc) and get him back in the saddle. We hope you can help! Any amount is appreciated. CLICK HERE >>

Spaceship Earth

By Donald H. Peterson   Although you may never have thought about it, living on Earth as it soars through empty space shares a very critical characteristic with an astronaut traveling through space on a spaceship. Namely, you are totally dependent on the life support resources that are already on theEarth, because with the exception of radiant energy from the sun, the surrounding space environment provides absolutely nothing to support life. MORE >>

These cafes are turning garbage into culinary gold

By Madeleine Thomas Last year the popular British grocery chain Tesco threw away more than 60,000 tons of food. Think about it: That’s just one chain in a sea of grocery stores discarding perfectly edible leftover ingredients. Unsurprisingly, some enterprising food entrepreneurs see opportunity here. With increasing popularity, cafes are starting to pop up all over the U.K. that source tossed foodstuffs from various grocery stores, wholesalers, and restaurants before it all heads to a landfill. Think of it as highbrow dumpster diving. Leading the cause is Skipchen , a popular Bristol cafe that serves everything from dressed lobsters with red peppers to ratatouille, all entirely sourced from food waste. Quartz has the story: There are now 14 caf├ęs with the same idea in cities like Leeds and London, and up to 80 at various stages of the development process. The umbrella that ties them together is The Real Junk Food Project , a grassroots organization that started in Leeds. The caf