Corporate greenwashing

We often hear corporate politicians making grand statements about their efforts to end climate change. However, it is disheartening to see that most of it is just greenwashing. But let's not forget, they are not the only problem. We, the people, keep electing incompetent, self-serving, privileged bureaucrats and fail to hold them accountable. It's time to take responsibility for our role in causing climate change and demand action from our elected officials. We can't keep pointing fingers, it's time to hold ourselves accountable.

It is a common claim among marketing companies and corporations that they are concerned about the environment. However, if this were truly the case, they would make it their priority to do everything they can to fulfil all their claims starting by eliminating all needless packaging and work with every supermarket and big box store to provide state-of-the-art recycling centers and make them as convenient to use as finding cases of disposable bottles of water. 

But unfortunately, this is not the reality. The environmental claims made by these companies are often nothing more than a scam, GREENWASHING, designed to make consumers feel good about their purchases without actually making any significant impact on the environment. It's time for these companies to take real action towards sustainability and stop misleading their customers.


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