How Cycling Can Save the World

Dennis Ketterman

I've read a lot of articles lately about how bicycling can save the planet and other related topics about the importance of cycling for the environment. If this is possible, and I have to agree that it could, why haven't we embraced cycling, shouted from the rooftops, gone crazy in the media, and made it the number one priority everywhere? If the simple bicycle can actually save the world, according to a lot of experts, you would think this would take precedence over everything.  Even politics.

Well, one reason why we are not embracing it and saving the planet is that we are having too much fun destroying it. And there is a lot more money in doing that than there is in bicycling. The big bucks are still in oil and a bike burns none of that. Another reason is that we're just too freakin' lazy. We drive an $80,000 gas guzzler to the gym, down the block, to ride a stationary bike. 

Anyway check it out, post your comments. Buy a bike.

How Cycling Can Save the World

by Byron

In a new book The Guardian’s political correspondent and influential cycling expert Peter Walker makes a well-researched global argument for building or improving upon existing cycle infrastructure to encourage mass cycling in our cities worldwide. Mass cycling, as Walker defines is, the sort where 20-30% of all trips in a country are made by bike, only happens when cycling becomes mainstream  . . . .



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