DumbingUs Down

We hear a lot about the 1% controlling everything, and the 99% is too busy buying into it.

The more I watch the news and hear the bullshit coming out of the Washington and the spin the media put on it, the more I think this is what we really deserve. After all we elected these buffoons. We knew going in they were all a bunch of self-serving, lying privileged hypocrites who only answer to the corporate interests who got them elected. 

Collectively the last election cost $12 billion. You would think there might be at least one shining knight. But this is what we wanted and this is what we got. Or did we.

We all sit around listening or texting our buddies about the last load of bullshit dumped on us by the media, then head off to the nearest coffee shop, bar or chat room looking for reinforcements just to sit around and bitch about it. 

The only opinion most of us really have are those trumped up by bought in corporate media experts such as Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Rielly et al making sure the dumbing down process stays on track.

But does it make it to prime time nightly news? Not likely, since the manufacturers of this stuff are the ones paying the bills. So is the media going to bite the hand that feeds them? Again, not likely. Occasionally they will run a fluff piece, but it doesn't sell like chaos, confusion and the Kardashians.Who determines what real news is anyway? 

Today most commercial, or mainstream media companies are owned by major corporations unrelated to media or news gathering. In their bylaws and fine print they will use words like unbiased, fair, balanced etc. But when you're signing the checks the game is played your way. 

They say they don't play favorites, but those who got them elected say otherwise. Money talks and bull . .  you know. 

Do you know where many of the politicians go after their term expires or voted out of office? Most of them find cushy board jobs, or become lobbyists for the very corporations that padded their election, plus drawing a pension. 

The worst part of this is we allow it to happen. We have choices. Nobody makes us shop at the Wal-Marts, eat Big Macs, slug down cokes or drive gas guzzlers. Non-particpation is an option. 

And like a bunch of sheep we obviously choose to pad their bottom line.


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