California Approves $133 Million for Bike Trails

Napa Valley Vine Trail | Photo courtesy Napa Valley Vine Trail Coalition

Posted 02/26/16 by Laura Cohen in Building Trails, Policy

It was another great year for trails in California’s Active Transportation Program (ATP), the largest funding source for biking, walking and trails in the state. RTC recently learned that the California Transportation Commission has approved $133 million for 59 trail projects and separated bikeways in Cycle 2 of ATP.

On Sept. 21, 2015, RTC reported on the funding decisions for the statewide and rural shares of ATP Cycle 2, in which $64 million was programmed for 29 trail projects. In late-January, California approved its final piece of ATP, with $69 million going to 30 trail and separated bikeway projects. This brings California 59 projects closer this year to its dream of creating regional active-transportation networks that promote healthy lifestyles and improve the mobility of residents and visitors of the Golden State.

And with the $97 million approved in Cycle 1 in 2014, ATP’s total investment in trails to date is $230 million. Here is a quick look at some noteworthy trail projects funded in January ...

Get ready to plan an outdoor adventure in Napa County! ATP funds have been approved to construct a 9.4-mile segment of the Napa Valley Vine Trail. The project segment (which will be a Class I bicycle and pedestrian facility) will run alongside the CA 29 corridor in Napa County from Pratt Avenue in St. Helena to Lincoln Avenue in Calistoga. When complete, the full 47-mile trail will connect the entire Napa Valley from Vallejo to Calistoga.

The Bayshore Bikeway just got another segment closer to completion. Currently 15 miles, this popular trail will eventually span 24 miles around the San Diego Bay—providing even more scenic connections to both tourist and resident destinations in the area.
The Fresno-Clovis Rail Trail is in its final design stage and will use funding to secure NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) approval. The funds will also construct 1.6 miles of a 12-foot asphalt-concrete trail. Did you know? In the mid-2000s, the trail set a Guinness World Record for planting 4,400 trees by 3,000 volunteers!

With a half-mile on the ground, this rail-trail is on its way to complete a 4-mile route across the city of Brea from east to west. The completed trail will consist of a two-lane paved bikeway and a separate pathway for pedestrians. The trail will also connect to destinations such as the Brea Senior Center, the Brea Boys and Girls Club and six schools!
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RTC’s Western Regional Office served as a consultant to the California Department of Transportation, providing technical-assistance training workshops to help disadvantaged communities successfully compete for ATP funds. We continue to be actively engaged in shaping active-transportation funding in California, and we hope to see more trails successful in future rounds of the ATP.

The next round of ATP funding—Cycle 3—takes place this year, with applications due in June. For the complete list of projects recommended for funding, and for general information on the ATP, go to the California Transportation Commission website. 


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