Stand Up To Cancer . . an annual scamathon

September 14, 2014 is the date of the highly promoted Stand Up to Cancer Telethon. 

The following is the warm and fuzzy intro to the event copied directly from their website. 

As always, the cancer movement's message is that we are so close to a breakthrough.

"Stand Up To Cancer aims to form an unstoppable movement against cancer. Through TV and the internet, particularly the USA-based telethon that occurs every year in September, famous names and the entertainment industry team up to drive home the message that together we can stop cancer.

One in two men and one in three women will suffer from cancer in their lifetime (American Cancer Society). We can all be affected by the terrible disease, whether the person diagnosed is a friend, a parent, a child, a sibling or a partner. Stand Up To Cancer aim to form a united front against the disease, raising money and urging forward breakthrough research.

Stand Up To Cancer Day works to heighten the profile of research into cancer remedies and cures, to raise the funds available to back this research and to bring together the best teams of scientists and experts, removing obstacles to their progress.

We can all do our bit to stands up to cancer, so today consider donating to the cause, get involved by raising money or helping out with one of the many charities and initiatives working to provide treatment, research and support, and most of all, honor and remember those who have been affected by the disease."
The cancer industry scam continues
The following is an excerpt from an article written by Mike Adams titled, "Stand up to the cancer industry and its celebrity-powered hucksterism (opinion)."
". . . . but of course this has been the cancer industry's scam for more than 40 years: Claim to be just a few more dollars away from "the cure" while avoiding talking about the real, practical ways that people can prevent cancer right now.

If all these Hollywood celebrities really wanted to help people stop cancer, they would encourage viewers to stop drinking BPA chemicals from plastic bottles, stop eating processed meat products, stop using toxic chemicals found in personal care products and stop using pesticides on their lawns.

That message, however, isn't as sexy and emotional as sharing tear-jerker stories of how so many of the people we all love have been killed by cancer. Where facts fail, emotion can always persuade people to part with their money... especially if a famous person is telling you to pledge more."

Read the entire article: Form your own opinion, post them here


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